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ITTT offers a wide selection of online TEFL courses ranging in length from 60 to 250 hours. Our standard course options include...
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A Happy Class!
Dea Xam
Vantage’s course is workshop based which I loved because it meant a smaller sized and more intimate group, where we could really engage with our fellow trainees as well as the lead trainer. Chris was...
Travel buddies!
Carolyn Vitty
I’m a traveler so making the decision to teach English abroad wasn’t hard for me. But choosing the right course took a lot of research. In the end I went for TEFLPros because they felt really...
Michela Coticone
I’ve just passed my 120hr ONLINE TEFL. It was amazing! I studied all the Units with enthusiasm and motivation. They are useful and well-organized. I’ve been an English teacher since 2007 and I learned...
Lunch with my class mates at Sri in Goa
Esther van de Poll
As a European, doing this course in Goa India not only provided me with the knowledge and confidence to become a TEFL teacher anywhere in the world but it provided me with an unforgettable experience...

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