CEA Study Abroad in Dublin, Ireland

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This photo was taken in one of Dublin's many coastal towns.
This photo was taken in one of Dublin's many coastal towns.
The Cliffs of Moher are something you definitely need to see!
The Cliffs of Moher are something you definitely need to see!
Christ Church Bridge, Dublin, Ireland
Christ Church Bridge, Dublin, Ireland
Dublin, Ireland
Dublin, Ireland
Dublin, Ireland
Dublin, Ireland
Dublin, Ireland
Dublin, Ireland
Study Abroad in Dublin, Ireland
Study Abroad in Dublin, Ireland


Home to hundreds of U.S. corporations, Dublin is the perfect place to study or intern abroad. Its multicultural influence makes it a hub for art, culture, history, religion, literature, business, and politics. Pub crawls, kayaking, and ghost tours are just a few of the things this walkable city offers!

You can study at the Dublin City University, the International School of Business, or at CEA’s Dublin Study Center, located in the heart of the city where the traditional Celtic and modern worlds meld! Set on a dynamic and youthful downtown campus, the CEA Dublin Center takes you out of the classroom and into the city, where you’ll enjoy first-hand encounters with local culture

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  • Hands-on learning experiences that transform the world abroad into a classroom
  • Personalized Pre-Departure Advising, including visa and immigration support
  • Courses offered in English that fulfill major and general graduation requirements
  • Comprehensive on-site support, including 24/7 emergency phone
  • Career workshops, Internships Abroad, and Alumni Ambassador positions

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  • Academics 7.8
  • Support 10
  • Fun 8
  • Housing 9.3
  • Safety 9.7
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Cliffs of Moher
Yes, I recommend this program


I can honestly say that studying abroad was the best thing I ever did for myself. My eyes have been opened, and my worldview has expanded because of it. I was nervous to go abroad, but I was looking for new adventures. Studying abroad in Dublin with CEA gave me that and so much more. I never knew how much I would fall in love with Ireland.

I never thought I would have friends from France, Spanish housemates, or an Irish teacher that changed my life. All the experiences I had abroad, I never thought would happen to me. I was pushed outside my comfort zone every day and am so thankful for that. My time abroad helped me grow as a person, increase my confidence, and feel like I am able to take on anything life throws my way.

Dublin is an INCREDIBLE city. It is so vibrant and fun! There is always something going on. Dublin is more diverse than you would ever imagine. There are so many amazing food vendors and restaurants. The people I met in Dublin were some of the nicest I have ever met in my life.

CEA is the perfect program to go abroad with. The staff are so helpful throughout the whole process. We went on fun trips with the school and I was able to travel on my own. The Dublin staff are incredibly kind and brilliant. The classes I took always kept me interested. Another benefit of this program is that you're partnered with a European school. Therefore allowing you to have classes and meet people from all over Europe. I think that was one of my favorite parts about this program. I will forever keep adventuring because of my time with CEA in Ireland.

What would you improve about this program?
Updated housing (I've heard from students who are studying there now that they have a more updated house!)
Response from CEA Study Abroad

We’re delighted that studying abroad in Dublin with us has prepared you to “take on anything”. Best of luck!

Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing Time, Administration Is Incredible

My time in Ireland is certainly not what I expected but it was wonderful. Like the title says, the administration at CEA Dublin is one of the biggest reasons why I had a great time. They are the most fun, loving, engaged, and thoughtful group of people I have every met and genuinely care about each student in the program. The trips the school has planned are excellent and very accommodating. I would definitely recommend CEA Dublin to anyone.

What would you improve about this program?
The only negative I would say about the program is that you will be in an International School and not an Irish school. I had expected the latter and hoped to meet locals through school. However, there are still many international students for you to meet and become friends with in the CEA school, it will just be a little harder to meet Irish friends living in the city around you.
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Yes, I recommend this program


Dublin, Ireland was the best experience I have had so far in my college career. From the amazing faculty and staff in the States and abroad, to the culture that I was able to immerse myself in for four months, to all of the traveling I was able to do and all of the people I had the opportunity of meeting. While the housing arrangements were not ideal (Dublin has a housing crisis and our apartments were not the greatest-- #ArchwayCourtForever), the experience was so incredibly worth it. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone looking to study abroad. I participated in the service learning program in Dublin and worked with elementary school aged kids in an after school program. Dublin, Ireland has my heart and I will be back not soon enough.

What would you improve about this program?
The housing situation, though it is very difficult to find housing in Dublin. At times it seemed like all of our professors gave us presentations/papers/projects at the exact same time. I think for the students' sake, the assignments should be more spread out.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Best Decision Ever

The bus trips were the favorite part of the trip for me. The staff at CEA shared so much of their knowledge with us & made my experience even better. Getting to go on weekend trips with them helped me learn more than I would if i was traveling alone. Take advantage of the staff being there to help! Ask them questions! The more you ask the more you are going to lean on your trip! Don't be afraid to try & explore with your friends. It is a great opportunity to just walk around Dulbin & try to find your way around. You will see things that you haven't seen before. The more you explore, the more comfortable you will feel as the trip continues. When you get there, find places to get groceries around your apartment to make sure you know where to go if you need anything. Lastly, don't sit around in your apartment. I know you're going to be tired, but you don't want to regret not taking all the opportunities you could to see other places.

What would you improve about this program?
The one thing I would want changed is the living condition. The location & apartments were nice except for the fact that they were not cleaned very well.
Yes, I recommend this program


From the moment my plane landed, to the final dinner night, I was supported and guided by staff throughout. They were constantly available and more than willing to help with any question, whether academic or not.

I felt incredibly safe in Dublin. Though I wouldn't recommend it, I wasn't bothered once while walking home alone on a weekend night.

Though the housing was very different from what an on-campus American accommodation is like, I loved it. There were some struggles with the different heat and electricity systems, but everything was worked out by our school's administration.

In terms of academics, I was completely blown away by the difference. Instead of being drilled with daily assignments, weekly terminology quizzes, and giant textbooks, I learned hands-on application in my field. I felt more prepared by the classes I took in Dublin than the past year and a half at my American school.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Dublin: Spring 2012

Its hard to believe that it has almost been a year since I left Dublin. I studied abroad in the Spring semester, 2012. Before leaving for Dublin I would have never imagined the impact that studying abroad would have on my life, perspective, and future goals and plans. When I returned home from Dublin people would say, "so how was it?" That was suprisingly a tough quesition. How could I describe a whirlwind of four months in a few words? I met people from all over the world that had grown up so differently from me but, yet, when I got to know them, they weren't that different at all. We had similar tastes in music and even liked the same basketball team. I made life long friends that I still keep in touch with today (I even got to skype with a few friends from Paris last week). I can't wait to go back to Europe (I'm even looking for jobs overseas after I graduate in May) and I encourage everyone that has the opportunity to study abroad to go! Many people think that you must know a foriegn language to go abroad but the CEA Dublin program allowed me to go abroad, but speak English.

Go with CEA!


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( DUB )

Dublin has enough to keep you busy for a lifetime between Phoenix park, the abundance of pubs and restaurants, and museums. While you are here, be sure to pick up Dublin favorite activities like kitesurfing and Irish step dancing.


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