Grey Sky Warm Feelings

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I opened the shutter on my airplane window to a grey, forebearing sky, “would these three months be the worst of my life?” , I thought as I de-planed and headed wearily towards the customs line. My mind was racing as I worried about whether I would be able to make friends or whether the counselors would be friendly or harsh. I had no clue what to expect because I hadn't researched the program at all. However, as I walked out onto that busy dublin terminal, and saw the friendly, jovial faces of Chris, Sarah and Killian, all my worries washed away. From the moment I walked into the cozy, clean, Bundrowes House, I felt at home. Ryan and Matt the other two program leaders welcomed us with open arms. Since then, i have made connections I will most likely have for the rest of my life and taken on obstacles both mental and physical that have forced me to think differently as I conquered them. I also will never forget how great it felt to finish a long, enriching day of hiking or surfing, and coming home to a warm home cooked meal made by the lovely Rita! Honestly this program has helped me transform into a much more indepedent, thoughtful, and adventurous person and for that I recommend it to everyone!

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