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Travel with the Go Overseas Team in 2019

As part of our vetting process, Go Overseas sends members of our team to scope out and report back on Choice programs! You can join any of our team members on their trip, we love travel buddies.

Travel with the Go Overseas team
Lauren Tang
Lauren Tang
UX/UI Designer

Lauren traveled on Affordable Volunteer Programs in India this year

Michaela McGee
Michaela McGee
Associate Account Manager

Michaela traveled on INLEXCA: Volunteer in Costa Rica this year

Jenny DeWitt
Jenny DeWitt
Partnerships Manager

Jenny traveled on Learn Spanish, Dance & Culture in Cuba this year

Recently Reviewed

Teaching 1
Andrew Wood
This experience exceeded my expectations! I came with the goal to help others with their English and to improve my Spanish and I feel I have done both of those. At weekends, I had loads of free time...
Día de la madre
Translation: First volunteering and I had the opportunity to meet some amazing kids, every day I learned many more things from the people who helped there and the children, who have an incredible...
Pretty with a Balou the squirrel
Brittany Correll
This was my first volunteer trip and I can't believe it has taken me so long to take the leap. When I was preparing to leave for Hoedspruit, I was nervous about so many things: the organization, the...
Pub Crawl Group
Spencer Graham
Being able to leave all the hard work up to WTC was awesome! They supplied me with everything I would need to start living in Australia. I even did the welcome week which I would say was super worth...
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