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Bws Germanlingua students in the classroom
Bws Germanlingua students in the classroom


We are committed to offering the highest quality German lessons to foreigners in a pleasant and welcoming environment. Our highly qualified and motivated teachers are not only interested in making sure students understand the complexities of the German language, but also of life and culture in Germany. Because of this they often organize field trips and other extra-curricular activities.

Bws Germanlingua offers German courses in all levels and works to develop understanding of both the written and spoken language. Through individual and group work, language games, and role playing, you will quickly develop your knowledge of German grammar and vocabulary.

Our modern school includes the latest technology in all classrooms, as well as free internet and other language learning materials to help supplement your coursework.

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About Bws Germanlingua

With three schools across Germany, Bws Germanlingua is dedicated to provided high quality, affordable German lessons to those interested in learning the language. Our dedicated teachers are not only interested in teaching the German language, but...
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