South Korea
Employment Type
Contract Length
6-12 Months 1 Year+
Classroom Audience
Children High School Middle School Pre-School


Job Description

Teaching English in South Korea is a truly immersive cultural experience. If you're looking for job in a culture vastly different to your own with great benefits and excellent travel opportunities, this could be just what you're after!

"I have really enjoyed myself so far. It is a great country and most of the people are very friendly. My life has changed a lot and this experience is an eye opener."
- Tessa, March 2018


- Guaranteed job placement
- Pay of around $2000 per month
- Free furnished accommodation
- Paid leave
- End of contract bonus pay
- Flights to Korea reimbursed
- Thorough assistance with documentation and interview prep
- TESOL course included for those who don’t have certification yet
- Weeklong cultural orientation and language classes to help you ease into life abroad
- Full access to online teaching resources to help you plan lessons
- 24/7 in-country support for anything that goes wrong or anything you need advice with

What's required?

- No teaching experience is required - we provide all training if you don't have already
- A bachelor's degree in any field
- A clean criminal record
- Be in good health
- Be a first language English speaker with an excellent command of the English language (both written and spoken)
- Hold a 120 hour+ TESOL (or TEFL or CELTA) certificate. Our program also offers an excellent 120 hour online, or in-country (done in Korea) TESOL course with certification tailored to teaching in South Korean classrooms with an instructor where you'll be able to present lessons and be graded online giving you the opportunity to have some practical experience before landing in the classroom.
- Jobs are only open to citizens of the following countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa.

Interview Coaching

We also include step-by-step one-on-one walkthroughs to help you with your job and visa applications and to coach you with any interviews you'll need to have with your prospective employers. This raises the acceptance rate from under 40% of applicants (for those who use other channels) to 95% who come through us. Job placement is guaranteed once you're accepted onto our program, so if you're not successful in your first interview, we'll have plenty of alternative positions for you to interview for.

What's the job like?

  • - We place applicants at both public schools and private language where they will be teaching children of various ages.
  • - Public school working hours are during the day, Monday to Friday.
  • - Private language centre working ours are 5 days per week working during afternoons, evenings and weekends.
  • - The positions are full time and are for 12 month contracts.
  • - Furnished accommodation is provided.
  • - Loads more benefits are included like flight reimbursement, paid leave and bonus pay

When would I start?

We place teachers at both public schools and private language centers throughout South Korea, this means we are able to place applicants at various times of the year, particularly for private language centers.

We're now taking applications for 2019 Private School intake dates as well as other available dates throughout the year for those who complete their TESOL courses online. For public schools, the next intake is in February 2020, we accept early applications for this intake. Applications are processed on a first-come first-placed basis, so the sooner you can get your application in the better.

If you want to take part in our in-country, in-class TESOL course and orientation, our July and August intakes are full. Our next intake is in October 2019. Alternatively, make use of our monthly online TESOL courses to match your ideal start date!

What our participants say they love most about TravelBud:

- Fast turnaround time
- Guaranteed job placement
- Great reviews by past teachers
- Our fun, friendly enrolments agents all have teach abroad experience
- Simple to understand website full of photos and videos to help you prepare for what to expect

"Everyone I worked with was amazing and they guided me to accomplishing my dream of teaching abroad. Saskia and Sabrina answered all my questions so quickly, and really helped me through the entire trip. They are always willing to help me and they give great advice."
- Patrick, April 2018

The TravelBud Team

Grace - with first-hand experience teaching English in South Korea, Grace has recently rejoined the TravelBud team after returning from a travel sabbatical. She's now the fearless enrollments team leader but still loves helping would-be teachers and volunteers attain their travel dreams.

Lydia - with years of experience teaching and traveling in China, Lydia has seen what life is like organizing her own teach abroad experience and so can give you first-hand insights into how the benefits of a supported program compare. Her passion for teaching abroad is infectious!

Sarah - One of our TravelBud alumni who's joined our team full-time, Sarah went through us to teach English in Vietnam. She's bubbly, very upbeat, positive and can share plenty of stories from her time teaching in the mist-drenched mountains of Lao Cai, near the border with China.

Gary - Having traveled to the UK and Thailand where he worked as a conservation volunteer, Gary's easy-going, mature demeanor will have you feeling calm and passionate about making a real difference in the lives of the kids you'll teach.

Nooru - If you're looking for inspiration in just how travel can empower you, Nooru's your girl! She's been to some rather unique countries and has a big passion for using one's travels and time abroad to achieve personal growth and bring positive change to others.


  • Bachelor's Degree in any field
  • Proficient English language skills, both spoken and written
  • Clean criminal background check
  • Be in good physical and mental health


  • Salaries of around US$2000 per month
  • End-of-contract bonus pay
  • Flights to South Korea reimbursed
  • Free furnished accommodation
  • Paid leave
  • Friends and couples can be placed together
  • Pre-departure support and guidance
  • 24/7 in-country support
  • Online TESOL course (if you don't have one already)
  • Or in-class, in-country TESOL course
  • Cultural and language orientation
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