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Interns in professional business outfits
Interns in professional business outfits


Shanghai is the industrial and commercial capital of China. We offer successful applicants the chance to gain invaluable work experience in one the world's most dynamic cities. Professional experience in Shanghai will allow you to grow your network of international contacts and enhance your career prospects.

Partnering with a range of companies, organizations and NGOs, our international internship program will boost your professional development. We offer programs for people of all backgrounds and experience levels.

Your program includes accommodation, airport pick up and drop off, regular social & cultural events, professional development tools and workshop, 24/7 emergency assistance, a one on one career coaching session for alumni.

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Hi Yanyu, thanks for your great question! The program is available to candidates from all over the world, not only American citizens.


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  • Fun 9.6
  • Housing 9.1
  • Safety 9.7
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Yes, I recommend this program

Self Development and Interesting Experiences

Going to Shanghai was my first traveling experience and i can never be more happier that i chose to do this with the intern group! Tommy and Olivia are such great people that really try to help you as much as possible while also making sure you are having a great time and experience in Shanghai by doing some fun activities and enjoying delicious meals together. What i gained from this trip was to be more independent and do your best to communicate with others which was a stretch for me. This program helped me get out of my comfort zone and really improved as a person! Also, the company where i worked really enhanced my skills for the career i am pursuing so now i feel more confident with my skills! I'm glad i had the choice to choose this startup business because i feel like i showed them some things and vice-versa. During this 4 week duration at Shanghai I have done things i would never have done back home which is exactly what i was looking for! The only downfall was the hotel service because of miscommunication and delays but other than that the stay was fine. Overall, the intern group really developed me as a person and taught me to always live your best life and enjoy trying new things even though they can be completely different from what you are used to. Thanks The Intern Group! You might see me again soon.. ;)

What was the most unfamiliar thing you ate?
Donkey. I didn't know it was Donkey until after i ate it. But i ate it an it was actually very good. Thanks Olivia and Tommy for that lol.
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Yes, I recommend this program

my 3 months in Shanghai

for the first month I was largely trying to orientate myself in Shanghai so I didn't go to any intergroup events. that being said the intergroup was still useful as they provided me with my simcard card and my subway card. it also was great that they registered me with the Shanghai police shortly after I arrived, as I was not aware of that being a necessary part of coming to Shanghai.

the second month I went to an intergroup excursion event on a Saturday with two other interns, Tommy and a guide. through the event I met Mason, another intern from Australia who I became friends with. we explored tongli water village for most of the day, some of it via canoe. after finishing lunch there we visited an impressive buddhist monastery. it was a very fun day in which I first got to properly experience some of the amazing sights in china.

I also attended a number of smaller events at different restaurants and bars, many of which I added to my list of faves I revisited in future. another fun event I remember well was at a sports-bar where I played dodge ball for three hours.

finally near the end of the second month I explored the clubbing scene in Shanghai with Tommy and Olivia as guides, which was something I always wanted to try, but had never known where to go in order to get that experience. it was far louder than anything I have experienced in Australia, a fun night of dancing and drinks but definitely something u wouldn't do often if u want to avoid permanent hearing damage.

during the last month I am one of the few interns left in Shanghai, so I have just been to a few choice restaurants with Tommy. during this last month I also started attending free wework exercise classes with Olivia and Tommy. I wish I knew about these earlier, but I was often to focussed on my internship to pay much else attention.

Both Tommy and Olivia have helped me in numerous ways big and small, whether its getting me my simcard or my subway card, helping me find Chinese classes and getting a good deal with them, helping me explore the Shanghai surrounds and giving me the opportunity to experience the best of china's restaurants and bars. the intergroup made the process of coming toad staying in Shanghai much easier and more fun than if I had simply tried to organize my internship by myself, and I would recommend it my friends in future if they were looking for something good they could put on their resume whilst at the same time have fun doing it.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Outstanding Internship Experience

I completed my internship in Shanghai last Spring and had such good time that I have returned to Shanghai 10 months later to live and work. The Intern Group placed me at an amazing company with a great colleagues and workplace environment. I have returned to part time work as this company because my experience was so great. The Intern Group's team Tommy, Olivia and even Hong Kong based Denise make this program one of the best in the higher education industry. Shanghai is such a big city and there is so many exciting things happening. Such as international artist performances, art galleries, exhibitions, sport clubs, theatre performances and of course many great places to eat, drink and socialise. I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in living Asia because you gain valuable work experience are able to socialize and enjoy the weekend whilst participating in exciting opportunities for career growth. A huge thank you to the Intern Group's Shanghai team who truly add value to the Intern Group's programs.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Go in with an open mind and prepare to fall in love with the city and everything it has to offer.
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Yes, I recommend this program

My Time In Shanghai - Mason

I came into the program already having a vague idea of what it was going to be like, but the program was better in every single way. Olivia and Tommy were so nice and welcoming, and would go out of their way to create small events such as movies after work with Olivia or day trips to small towns with Tommy. They would even join us interns on the party scene to show the top spots to go. In terms of work I was put with a great company that helped coach me from my starting project to my final presentation. I gained valuable skills and contacts that will last throughout my career. The language classes are also quite handy as it makes life a little bit easier in terms of ordering food, drinks and going to the markets. My advice to future interns is that at the start it will seem quite daunting with everything but Tommy and Olivia are always there to help when called upon. Also don’t be shy and make the most of your time away, networking is key and you will definitely do a lot of that. Overall, I am happy I did this internship and met the amazing people involved, thanks very much to my new shanghai family, i will be back!

What would you improve about this program?
Maybe the location of the hotel could be more centralised to the city and markets, however, train system is super easy to use and within a close location.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Highly Recommend!!

My internship experience in Shanghai with the intern group in April 2018 was both extremely enjoyable and a valuable learning experience.
Tommy and Olivia offered consistent support for all the interns. They worked tirelessly to ensure we had ample opportunities to see and experience the wonderful city while ensuring our safety at all times. Experiences such as cooking classes and day tours of nearby Suzhou were particular highlights and were seamlessly organised by Tommy and Olivia. They always made sure they were available to us to answer any questions we may have which left us feeling comfortable and safe. Without a doubt the highlight of my 2018 and an experience that I will never forget. I strongly recommend to anyone considering taking up an internship through the intern group in 2019 to take the plunge and go for it! You will make lifelong friendships and meet people from across the world.

Yes, I recommend this program

Great time

Olivia n Tommy r the best and the experience was super fun. Learnt a lot professionally and personally 🤩. I did a lot of things that were good. Some how I need to add mor characters so I will write more. I did many fun things. Go for two months because then u get a feel for the place, yes that probably the best time. Okay nice. In addition, I can’t believe I still haven’t met the word count. What else was fun? I went to a lot of places and the people I was with were all like minded and cool! That was nice for sure! My work was also good, got to practise my chinese so that was very nice also. Basically I had a good time and I recommend you go too, because you’ll have fun. Just keep an open mind with the new culture and it’ll be 10/10

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No, I don't recommend this program

China was great; though the internship - not so much.

Shanghai was a great experience, I enjoyed being immersed in the culture the way the Intern Group allowed me to with this program. I found the assistance that was provided by Olivia and Tommy to be invaluable, they made any culture shock bearable and facilitated a great time. However, the internship - the business I was placed in as an intern was unprepared for one. I felt more like an unpaid personal assistant that I did a communication and marketing intern. With no direction, little leadership and a lack of understanding of what I was at the company for, I spent much of my day wandering the street of Shanghai waiting for my 'employer' to turn up. Would I recommend the Intern Group to others? No, I wouldn't. It is not because I didn't enjoy the experience, I got a lot out of it - but none of that had anything to do with the primary reason for my visit, the internship.

What would you improve about this program?
Better vetting of the businesses interns are placed with.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Beautiful experience

I’ve been in Shanghai with The Intern Group for 2 months, from september 1st to november 10th. I recommend this experience. This internship helped my professional growth and when I came back home I immediately got a job, cause a lot of employers were impressed when they saw this experience on my CV. The apartment was huge. I will always remember the beautiful people I met in Shanghai and the time we spent together! Every weekend we went to different places and we visited all the city’s attractions. There are also events organized by the local staff, Tommy and Olivia, every week. They also give you a precious help. Shanghai will be always in my heart. This was the best experience of my life!!!!..................................................

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Yes, I recommend this program

Experience of a Lifetime

This internship experience has been so valuable for my personal and professional development. The Internship at my host organisation has given me the opportunity to be part of a team and be valued for my opinions even though I am just a student. I was able to learn and grow professionally by gaining constructive feedback from my colleagues on my Salesforce project. I was able to use my skill set and increase my Business Acumen while solving business problems.

Furthermore, The Intern Group helped me settle into Shanghai as soon as I arrived I was made to feel like I was part of a family. The weekend trips and events are truly unforgettable as you get to expose yourself to new culture and traditions which I found really fascinating! I would highly recommend anyone who is wanting to explore while increasing their competitive edge in the job market to choose The Intern Group as they are absolutely amazing from every aspect of what they do! :)

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Yes, I recommend this program

Couldn't recommend strongly enough!

Interning overseas gave me not only a competitive advantage in the workforce but also life experience that you can only get by immersing yourself in a new culture and work environment. I couldn't recommend this strongly enough and on top of everything I had learnt, I made such great friends and experiencing a new culture with others is priceless. The intern group are incredibly helpful and lovely people that make sure your every concerns are heard. The internship really gave me the confidence boost I needed!!

I will never forget exploring Shanghai and learning new ways of doing things! Even with all the homesickness it was worth every second of those 3 months over there. This was also the first time I had gone overseas on my own so it could have been very intimidating - well it wasn't. You're never alone in the intern group! Working overseas too showed my employee that I had drive and a more enlightened insight into how things operate in the world.

Yes, I recommend this program

I am working for TIG in shanghai and I love it

Love to work with TIG and spend time with all the interns coming to shanghai

we have been loving each other in shanghai and try to make them feel they are not apart from their family and build strong community and support to them and helped them gain the most while they are in Shanghai.

It is one of the most meaningful and cheerful job that I have doing so far. The time we spent together with interns from all over the world is so precious. The way they look at the city as a new angle , always refresh my passion for Shanghai. Shanghai is my home town, after leaving shanghai for 10 years in Australia , I am kind of forget how beautiful is the city , taking interns to re-discover this city is such a great experience and seeing them grow into a professional global leaders ,getting more clearly in their career path is really making me happy . I am doing coaching as well , so seeing young profession to grow is my biggest passion.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Great experience

Shanghai is an amazing city with plenty of opportunities for everyone! The intern group team with us tries its best to find us events and activities to do all together, keeping a flexible schedule and reasonable pricing ^^
No one will understand you so make sure your gesturing is on point when you land ;D (unless you speak Chinese, but I don’t)
Having such experiences on your cv is well seen and it might help you getting a job.
Get a vpn if you want to survive with google translator.
Get WeChat, it’s great to communicate with Chinese people because you can translate a message from Chinese into English in chat, so super useful and it’s the main app used here
Visa and mastercards occasionally work so get ready to be using an atm quite often
You will meet so many people doing an internship as you are and you will never feel lonely :3
Clubs are great !
Food is also great :3

What would you improve about this program?
More communication during the interview stage would have been appreciated
Read my full story
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Yes, I recommend this program

Very valuable experience

I got out of secondary school in Germany this year and decided to take a year off before heading to university. I knew that I wanted to collect some experiences so doing an internship seemed like a sensible thing. I stumbled across the Intern Group online and was amazed by their offerings. I decided to go to Shanghai because part of my family is from there and I wanted to get to know the city. As it turns that was a perfect decision. I absolutely love Shanghai and all of the activities and support by Olivia and Tommy make it hard not to. The housing is nice and well-located within the city. If you like Asian food you will find a huge array of different restaurants that are at least by German standards very affordable. I would definitely recommend this to everyone because the time I have spent here has been one of the best of my life!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Excellent Internship Opportunity

Shanghai is absolutely the city where you can have your perfect internship! It's one of the biggest financial and technological hubs where you can experience a different culture, have an amazing atmosphere for networking, and never be bored. Shanghai has everything to offer – from interesting businesses and job opportunities to one of the greatest social events.

My internship experience was excellent: accommodation was in a perfect location, I had chances to meet a lot of nice people from around the world, and I've gained some really valuable work experience. Of course, it wouldn't have been the same without the amazing coordinators of the Intern Group Shanghai – both Tommy and Olivia did a wonderful job taking care of all the needs and wants!

I'll definitely return to Shanghai someday in the future and I'd surely recommend this programme for anyone who's looking for an unforgettable international work experience.

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Yes, I recommend this program

'beckon beckon -insightful opinion of Mr Biokou

I really enjoyed my time in Shanghai. It is an exciting, dynamic city, with so much to do - you will never find yourself bored! It was an amazing experience .The placement helped to accelerate my professional development, and I felt valued within my company. The accommodation was excellent; the apartments organized by TIG were in an ideal location, and the flats themselves were really spacious with a cleaning service , The level of support in-country was superb - Tommy is the GOAT ,he will help you with everything anything ,he knows everything in shanghai ,from the best place for a professional Seminar to the best place for a night out .he has the key of Shanghai city .Shanghai itself takes a moment or two to get used to, but it's a lot of fun once you do. Socially it's great, with a load of restaurants, bars and nightclubs. It also has a very well-developed public transportation system; I found the metro particularly efficient/affordable, and it's well air-conditioned which is important as Shanghai is very hot during the summer months! I also always felt safe while I was in Shanghai so don't worry on that front. Overall, would definitely the Intern Group program there!

What would you improve about this program?
I recommend TIG to work more on providing help/assistance regarding the visa and to do more research to find Intern company for applicant


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