Is it easy to communicate with family and friends back home?

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Do apartments come with good wifi?


Hi Juliana,

While consistent wifi isn't necessarily a requirement for study abroad homestay placements, most study abroad providers try to make sure students are in home with good internet connections, so you can do homework and stay in touch with friends and family back home. If you're in a city, you'll also have plenty of access to Internet cafés, coffee shops and other places that might provide wifi service.

If this is a major priority for you, you can always talk to your program provider to see if they can make sure to place you in a living situation where you'll have consistent wifi access. Don't forget, though, that an important part of studying abroad is getting out and exploring your new city, so don't spend so much time talking to your friends on Skype that you forget to go outside and get to know where you are!

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