Do you recommend hostels, airbnbs, or hotels on weekend trips?


I would definitely recommend airbnb or hostels, but it really depends on where you're going. Hotels were always too expensive and we realized we didn't really need all the amenities - we were there more for the experience than the stay. Airbnb is great because you can really immerse yourself in a culture, especially if you stay in one that just an open room with a family or someone. But if you're looking to meet people, a hostel is really the way to go. There're always people around and your room will most likely have people you don't know in it so it's easy to make friends. Plus hostels always have fun trips and things going on, just ask the front desk. And if you're staying in a big city, most of the hostels are actually pretty nice and do the trick to just give you somewhere to sleep and keep your stuff.

Hi Kylie,

I'd echo the previous comment and recommend going with hostels or Airbnb unless there's a really good reason to stay in a hotel (it's the only place to stay or someone else is paying for it!). Hostels are usually a great, affordable option, and if you don't want to share a room with 7 strangers, you can often get a private room at a hostel for much less than you'd pay for a hotel. Especially if you're traveling to a new place or traveling alone, staying at a hostel is one of the best ways to meet other travelers, organize activities and find out more about your destination.

Resources like Hostelbookers and TripAdvisor typically have traveler reviews for hostels, so you can search for places with high ratings and the amenities you're looking for. Personally, some of my favorite places I've ever stayed while traveling have been hostels -- I still dream about this one $15/night place in Quito that included the best hostel breakfast I've ever had!

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