Do people eat out or cook more?

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I want to be able to experience the culture, but I also don't want to be embarrassed to cook when I need to save money. What do most students do?


I cooked nearly all the time and went out less than once a week. Most of my roommates went out more than I did, but we all cooked in our apartment pretty regularly. Eating out all the time would wind up insanely expensive. Try cooking native dishes, if you can! Best of both worlds.

Hi Tanner,
I'd definitely say it's more common for students to cook their own meals (or get meals from their host families) than go out to eat. You definitely want to make sure you go out to eat often enough to experience the local culture and cuisine, but don't feel like you need to eat out at restaurants every night, or even more than once or twice a week. Most people studying abroad are on a fairly tight budget and certainly can't afford to eat all their meals out. Plus, cooking can be a great way to learn how to make local recipes and dishes!
If your study abroad program offers a homestay option, you may get meals provided from your host family as well, so you won't have to worry about cooking for yourself all the time. Homestays often include two meals a day, or all meals on weekdays, or some other combination, so check with your program provider to see what the meal options might be.

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